Vasiliy Ryabchenko-Nurse of the President
“Nurse of the President” collage by Vasiliy Ryabchenko

The Promiscuous Connections exhibition presents works by famous Ukrainian artists created using the collage and assemblage techniques. The viewer will be able to make sure that collage, layering, collision of alien and seemingly completely incompatible elements embody hidden eroticism, “attraction of opposites” and at the same time this is a manifestation of the artist’s absolute, very intimate self-enjoyment.

Vasiliy Ryabchenko - Nurse of the President
Vasiliy Ryabchenko. “Nurse of the President”, 50 х 54 cm, collage, mixed media (1990)

Using collage techniques, artists skillfully mislead the unprepared viewer. At first glance, such works are easily embodied and give the impression of a random placement of random elements on the same plane, which may prompt the well-known spectator statement: “I can do that too!”. However, a deeper analysis of such works allows one to feel the unique ability of artists to create complex, harmoniously built compositions based on the relationship of shapes, textures, volumes and colors. Expropriating someone else’s visual through the layering of quotes, images, meanings, artists formulate and broadcast their own, author’s opinion. When considering these compositions, the process of their creation is vividly presented, one feels the pleasure from the author’s inner monologue and his simultaneous conversation with the universe.

Vasiliy Ryabchenko-Quiet Visit
Vasiliy Ryabchenko. “Quiet Visit”, 56,5 х 52 cm, collage, mixed media (1991)

Most of the works presented in the project also demonstrate the dialogue of contemporary Ukrainian artists with the creators of the past, with all the heritage of world art history, as if through such interaction our authors are looking for their place. And at the same time, they naturally act as demiurges for themselves, who create their own universe out of chaos, filling it with rules and principles.

Represented artists:

Ivan Aliskevich, Oleg Grunzovsky, Vladislav Krasnoshchek, Oleg Malevany, Sergey Parajanov, Alexander Pechersky, Alexander Roitburd, Vasily Ryabchenko, Sergey Svyatchenko, Oleg Sokolov, Yuri Sokolov, Sergey Solonsky, Alexander Sudakov, Alexander Suprun, Anatoly Shevchuk.

Curator: Marina Koneva

February 2 – February 22, 2022, at the Kharkiv Municipal Gallery, Kharkov, Ukraine